Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi there! Our year has gotten off to a great start! We were able to kick off our Christmas Ballet "Commissioned" this past December and the Lord was so faithful! We were blessed to present our program to numerous audiences and had a fantastic Christmas season.

It's a new year and we are currently working on preparing for auditions for the company as well as our East Coast Tour at the end of March.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in our ministry. I am officially picking back up our blogs and will faithfully write each Thursday letting you know what's the latest. Thanks for sticking with us!

In Him,

Monday, November 2, 2009

We made it!

We are packing up and heading out of Red Bluff, CA. Our last day was wonderful, with many opportunities to share His love. We were so incredibly blessed by our sponsors and host families and are so thankful they opened their homes and their lives to us. God you are so good to us.

10 days, 10 programs. We were extended and stretched almost to capacity and the Lord was so faithful to provide all that we needed along the way. I love how He not only gives us the strength we need but brings people along the way to encourage and uplift us. That is what has blessed me the most about this trip, is the people and the relationships.

We begin our drive at 9am this morning and drive for 10 hours. We will be praying for the people we met, the needs we encountered and the lives the Lord laid in our paths.

Jesus we thank you for our amazing trip, we thank you for every encounter and every opportunity you gave us on this trip. We praise you for safe travel, for keeping the bus incident free and for providing the funds to pay for our gas. We bless your name for no injuries, healthy bodies and rest/sleep (although minimal, yet doubled by Your grace) But most importantly Father we thank You for loving us and giving us a reason to dance, to worship, to sing, because you died on the cross for each of us. How can we not worship You with all that we have? We love you Lord and praise Your almighty name!

In Him alone,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just keep swimming...

Hey everyone! We are currently relaxing at Starbuck's waiting for our second program in Red Bluff, CA. We had the opportunity to worship with Red Bluff Church of God this morning and were so blessed to spend the morning with them!

We are heading to our first outreach of the day at Brentwood Nursing Home and are excited to minister to the residents! We will then be traveling to Tahoma Estates this afternoon to spend time with the folks there and a last minute outreach has been put in place at the Juvenille Detention Center for this evening. A gentleman came to us this morning at requested we come to spend time with the kids sharing the love of Christ with them. 4 programs in one day will be our new record, but whatever opportunity the Lord presents we are game for. Please pray the Lord's strength will flow in abundance, we are relying on Him!!!

A funny thing happened after our program this morning, poor Audrey got stuck in the stall with an overflowing toilet, screaming her head off. We had quite the laugh, poor thing will be scarred forever, but it definitely brightened our day!

Thanks so much for your prayers! It's the last day of tour and we are going out with a bang!!!



Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's not about the dance or the music, the costumes or the movement. It's all about Him.

10-29 is our new motto, if the Lord can work through us as He did on 10-29 in the most difficult situations He can work through anything.

We had an amazing night at Higher Vision Church in Castaic, CA. The stage wasn't easy, we actually had to reset our whole program in 3 hours, but the Lord was faithful! Our motto and prayer for the entire evening was "Lord let them see You and not us" and they did. 30 salvations, over 20 people came forward for prayer and to "surrender" things they are holding onto. It was a blessed evening. Thank you Lord for using us in such a significant way.

We are currently at the home of a lovely friend from the past, Sarah Branaman. One of my trainees from Ballet Magnificat over 7 years ago. We have been spending time with her students in her school, taking class with them and worshipping with them in Creative Worship class this morning. We have been relaxing at her home waiting for our program this evening at East Valley Church in Rocklin, CA.

A few more days and we head back to Puyallup! Please pray for us this Sunday, we have 3 programs in Red Bluff CA and then drive for 10 hours on Monday.

The Lord is good!

In Him,

(approved by Sham)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The happiest place on earth~

What a day at Disneyland! Audrey met Mary Poppins (perfect I know) and actually had conversation with her about ballet of all things :) My kiddos had a blast from hour one, pictures are coming soon! We spent 10 hours at Disney and California Adventure and loved every minute of it, it was a fabulous day!~

We were up bright and early this morning (I'm not lying 4 am!) for a double program at Hillcrest Christian School of A Walk with Paul, it was great to share with the kids in such a unique way, hearing the gospel in a way they've never heard before. We had a great response and I even overheard some girls asking if they could start a dance ministry class at the school. Praise God for the way He moves, I love it!~

We headed back to homestays for a long nap and are now preparing to eat some amazing lasagne at the Plyler home, we love Lori and Sim our sponsers! I am currently drooling and falling asleep, the time has come for this blog to end (thank you Sham).

Bless Y'all!~


Monday, October 26, 2009

Driving, driving, driving...

It's been a long day of driving but we have arrived to Anaheim! 8 hours in the bus and praise God we've finally made it. After our double performance yesterday we were ready for the rest but for some reason all the sitting and doing nothing makes you more tired... why is that?

We met Amanda's family, Sim and Lori and Ms. Maria for a great dinner at Buca de Bepo and are now retiring to our rooms across the street of Disney. It's going to be a great day tomorrow!!! What a great birthday for Audrey!



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here we are!

We have arrived in Cai! After 2 days of traveling, we've made it to our first destination of Sacramento. The trip started off with a lovely snack at Grandma Barton's (Whittannie's Gma) of homemade soup and apple crisp and the evening finished with checking into a Garden Villa Inn in Southern Oregon. Saturday began with a 7 hour bus drive (with a couple stops of run around the bus 10x's for the kiddos) with opportunity around every corner. Some of the girls had an chance to share with a gentleman running a liquor store (where we stopped to plug our coffee pot in) and encouraged him in his faith. Our 10 minute stop gladly turned into 30! I wonder how many opportunities we miss every day when we don't consistently have the mindset of ministry? We arrived in Roseville, CA at the Risney home and was blessed to share a meal with them.
Sunday began bright and early at Resurrection Lutheran for our first program on the road of Project Grace. It's amazing the things the Lord teaches us in different scenerios, it's always different than you expect and the things we've learned so far is to not have any preconceived ideas about what it will be like, because He always surprises you. The congregation quietly watched, the first time they've had dance like this in their church and we heard they
were pleasantly surprised. The Lord shows us His faithfulness in so many ways and is consistent to be there every time, Oh we pray our hearts will be ready and willing to receive what He wants to teach us at any given moment. A sweet church with so many sweet families who took care of us so well. What a blessing!

Our afternoon next went to an outreach at The Palms retirement home down the road, we had such a lovely time with the residents there. They were so eager to hear about the Lord, we were so blessed by their hearts and their honest, open questions about our God. Asking about the cross and the joy we had on our faces and in our hearts. We were so eager to tell them and had many opportunities to pray and encourage them. It was a great day! Blooms coffee was next on the list where we had the chance to discuss the day and what the Lord accomplished through us. I love what we do. How awesome to be called into ministry at a time such as this.

Please pray for our next couple programs, the last thing we desire is to have it look anything like a performance, the word literally makes me cringe. It's nothing like a performance, it's worship. From the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet. The best question we had today was "Why do you sing when you dance? Is it to help you count the music or what?" and our answer really surprised her "No, it's because it's worship, it's all about worshipping the Lord, with everything we have". Genuine shock was on her face. I love it. :)

Boldness to share our faith in any way the Lord sees fit, whether it's on stage in front of 500 or holding the hand of an elderly woman who feels she's been forgotten. We pray for boldness to do and say exactly what He wants us to, whether we're uncomfortable or uneasy. He will direct and give us the words if we allow Him to take over. Isn't He great?

Ok, I'm being beckoned into the pool in a lovely home in El Derado Hills, the skyline to the left, a waterfall to the right and my family laughing and playing around me.

What a great day. What a great God.

Tomorrow is another day, please pray for traveling mercies!!
In Him,